Reviews - Best Western Aghveran Hotel


Great place, great service! Enjoy your vacation here !!

- Tatevik Khalatyan


The best place, the best staff, the best resort

- Lusine Arakelyan

Best Resort has become my favorite vacation spot for me. We have been regularly resting here for 8 years now, whenever possible. But the whole family celebrated the New Year here for the first time. It was unforgettable: the entire staff demonstrated the highest professionalism, from the technical staff to the chef. Caring waiters, receptionists, trying to predict and fulfill any client's wishes. Such an entertainment program for children! And it seems to me that the guests will carry New Year's Eve through the whole of 2019 !!! I would especially like to thank the chef: the menu was compiled with such taste and high professionalism: the dishes were on the New Year's table, so that everyone would feel as if they were left without traditional New Year's dishes! Bravo, Aghveran Hotel! Good luck and prosperity in 2019 !!!!

- Anna Grigoryan

Thank you for the excellent service and for the pleasant welcome

- Nerso Nersisyan

If choosing rest in Aghveran, than only in Best Resort Aghveran.

- Anahit Avdalyan

Where do you want to visit again and again? A wonderful place, wonderful nature, too much cleanliness

- Zara Grigoryan

Great place. Very kind and smiling personal. Everything clean and smells good. The food is tasty. And the view is breathless. Highly Recommended.

- Eva Feldblum

Мне как всегда здесь в одном из самых живописных уголок нашей родины очень и очень приятно.....

- Karen Hovsepyan

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Wonderful place, wonderful service.

- Luto Eghiazaryan

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A place to truly relax

- Jeff Ballay

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Very beautiful! Hot spring is near! Delicious cuisine!

- Maria P. Dolgikh

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Clean, quiet, comfortable.

- Airat Atarbaev

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Excellent service, excellent cuisine, nature is just superb. By all criteria 5 plus.

- Tigran Afyan


A wonderful place for complete rest ...

- Meline Hovhannisyan

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We spent a wonderful rest in Best Western Aghveran Hotel. I want to thank the hotel management for all❤❤ I definitely recommend visiting this hotel and having a great time there

- Gohar H.


The location is amazing, the hotel is located in the mountain and there is such a fresh air and beautiful view of Aghveran. There is a huge territory to work out outside if the guest wants. Swimming pool, billiard and other attractions. The food is very delicious and the employees are very kind and pleasant. Whenever the hotel has events, people for the city and the guests of the hotel gather in the restaurant and celebrate. Vacation for family and friends. Business trip with request for seminar, lecture rooms. Thank you for my amazing stay.

- MeGusta Viajar


We spent 10 days with in August 2017 with our 6y old daughter and 6m old baby boy. In overall the hotel was very good, the cleanness was very well kept. There was a good outdoor swimming pool which was not deep, so it was ok for kids. The main cons are the variety of breakfast - every single day was the same selection and water leakage in our shower cubicle. The staff was very attentive, the room was kept very clean, and the food quality was above average.

- Eugania85


The location is very beautiful, surrounded with mountains and forest. The air is clean, rich with oxygen. Room was big and clean. Staff was very kind and polite. Hotel has pools and the water in the pool was clean too. The food was good, as it is the case in everywhere in Armenia.

- Tatevik G


The best hotel I have ever been with the high-level service and hospitality. Frequently, I would like to have my vocations and week-ends in this warm and friendly place. The hotel is built close to the mountains and is surrounded with a lot of trees, which creates atmosphere of beautiful fairy-tale.

- Amalia852016


I stayed at the Best Resort hotel in Aghveran and have had five wonderful days there. I enjoyed the nature of the area as well as the hotel accommodation. Best Resort has been arranged for visitors with love and good perception. The rooms are very clean and have all necessary equipment for a comfortable housing. The gardens and rest spaces organized thoughtfully. The staff is caring and smiley. Even my neighboring families with kids remained very busy at the pool or special kid’s zones. The Internet was interrupted for a few minutes, but mainly, I was able to work online all day along. Food in the restaurant was not sophisticated, rather repetitive, but tasty. I will recommend the Best Resort Hotel in Aghveran for relaxation and productive isolation.

- Karina M


Very nice hotel. Room was big and clean. Good food with different options. Service was nice. There is a nice pool, bowling lanes, children playground (both indoors and outdoors). We spend a weekend in the hotel with family and had a lot of fun.

- Fools top


Very picturesque and comfortable place to spend the weekend. The rooms are spacious, clean, food is very good and plenty enough. We had a half board but food served was so much that we did not even need a third meal. It was very pleasant for us that although the breakfast finishes at 11.00 am and we were late for half an hour, the restaurant staff welcomed us and brought new food especially for us. There are plenty of opportunities to entertain yourself: tennis, swimming pool, bowling a playground for children. Overall I liked the hotel very much what I did not like is that the check-in hour is late- not before 15.00.

- ArmineM


I spent New Year 2014 at Best Best Resort Aghveran. Great location, warm hospitality, Comfortable and clean rooms with all kind of conveniences, leisure time activities, Tasty food and FUN. Liked it so much.

- Tigranuhi


Hi to everybody :) I wanna deal with you about my perceptions :) I have been in many hotels in Armenia and I can say that Aghveran hotel is one of the bests. I was there first in winter, we were at the meeting on education issues: I liked the big hall were our presentation took place. It was very comfortable there and it helped us to make really a good presentation. Besides the big hall, I also liked the beautiful nature surrounding the hotel, and I think, it can be really cool to celebrate the New Year there. So, I advise students, business people or just travelers to visit Aghveran resort at least once to spend a great time.

- Tatevik S.


I’ve been to Aghveran Hotel in June… I went there with my friends for a week. First of all the landscape was wonderful, in front of the hotel there was a very beautiful mountain, with a little forest, and we climbed it to meet the sunrise…. I can’t describe the beauty we saw… Now I think everyone should see it. It was magnificent….. In front of the hotel there was also a nice garden, with roses and other beautiful flowers… there was a playground, where kids played all day long. As for the hotel, it was very clean, rooms were clean too and convenient, with TV and refrigerator. Food was very delicious and we had a great choice… there always were various salads, meet, fish, vegetables. They also had a big choice of drinks…. We met there many new friends, and spent together lots of time playing various games.. We played tennis, volleyball, basketball, football, ping-pong, poker, water-volleyball, bowling and so…. At nights we went to the party, which was organized near the pool… We enjoyed our time very much. We and our new friends spent so good time together, that it was very sad to us to leave the hotel and each other… And now we’ve organized to go to Aghveran hotel once again for a week, and I’m looking forward to it… I’m sure I will enjoy the time I will spend there with my friends……. I will never forget my holiday at Aghveran Hotel

- Arman T.


After a tiring and exhausting working days Aghveran Hotel was the best thing to happen with us. We joined with my BBF to an event organized at the Hotel. Socializing with the event guests, walking along the wide outdoor area of the hotel we after spent a splendid evening which was completed by a cheerful party at the inside pool. Room comfort, morning walk in a fresh air and relaxing chat with a coffee in the cafe prepared us for coming working routine.

- MaNushMYan


The staff is professional, the pool is clean, the food is tasty. I will come again)

- Anna Kokanyan

Great place for complete rest. Friendly service, delicious food, the most important of which is perfect cleanliness. We thank all the staff and the management.

- Mariam Poghosyan

The visit to the hotel left a pleasant impression on me. I am delighted with the service.

- Naira Khorenyan

I have spent full rest in this wonderful place. Thank you for warm service I’ll come back, for sure ❤️

- Dian Asatryan